So a quick update:

I was able to get the class I needed to get over interterm. If that had fallen through my whole plan would have been shot. So that was real nice to get taken care of especially considering the mass amount of complaining being done by my fellow students over not getting their classes.

More importantly I’ve got preliminary approval through Chapman for this: 

So pretty stoked to get clear of the first step to study abroad in London all of next year. I’ll basically have to have that all squared away and ready to go before I leave for Melbourne on February 15th. But it’ll be more than worth it. I also just submitted the first step of my application to Arcadia University College of Global Studies. As long as I am accepted by them, which shouldn’t be an issue I am basically good to go for London. Some exciting stuff, just trying to keep focused on finishing this semester strong. Oh, and I am managing to tutor and make some money to sock away for all my grand plans which is real nice.

Anyway, only 91 days left.

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