Anticipation, Visas, and Blessings

And the countdown rolls on. 31 days left. This time next month I’ll be in the airport preparing to board. I’ve got a week of class, a final, one class and a second final. My time at Chapman is that close to being finished. Grades from last semester came out very nicely and my grades over interterm are looking to follow suit.

I kept hearing how much of a headache getting my visa was going to be… it took all of a half an hour. The hardest part was the price tag, nearly $600. I honestly don’t have much more to do outside of packing for the next 4 months and frankly, I’d really like to being doing some preparation or something to keep me occupied. My three week break between interterm and departure may drive me nuts with anticipation. It’s not helping to read blogs of people I know who have already begun their time abroad and to see all their pictures. Watching videos like this make me straight giddy. 

Much more importantly, the awesome people at GlobaLinks are not only running my program but have also decided to award me a scholarship for my semester abroad; which will be immensely helpful. Apparently they liked what I wrote in my application essay. Lesson learned: Always throw your name in the hat.

My courses for next year in London are being checked for approval right now and I should hear back regarding that shortly. Also, the Chapman Center for Global Education have approved a program specifically for International Business through CEA in Grenoble France, which look as if it should fit me perfectly. So I may end up spending next spring in the French Alps instead of in London, or I may finish my college education there Fall 2014. 4 semesters abroad would really be something. We’ll see how that works out anyway.

For now, finish interterm, get all of my course approved for my time abroad, final packing and preparation and then walkabout.

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One thought on “Anticipation, Visas, and Blessings

  1. Annelle Arthur says:

    Wow! That’s impressive. What happened with the one grade this last semester. You’re really getting it together for the travel time. Grenoble, France would be an awesome experience. Want to have lunch in the next few weeks and talk about some practical things for travels.

    Love you a lot, GrandMama

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