7000 miles away

I’ve finally landed in Cairns after a 14 hour flight to Brisbane, then a two hour layover/run thru customs and then a 2 hour flight up north to Cairns. It’s been awesome so far, met plenty of cool people, everyone’s been real friendly and helpful. Still all very surreal at this point. Watching the sun rise behind us as we flew across the pacific was pretty amazing.

Currently sitting in my hostel that I checked into about a half an hour ago. It’s pretty damn sweet here. It’s called Gilligan’s. Didn’t have a chance to update while in Brisbane due to running from gate to gate. I’m off to the first couple of orientation meetings in a few minutes here. I have a feeling my feet won’t hit the ground for a few weeks here, between being busy and just being overwhelmed by how incredible this is. I’ve seen so little of it all but every second has been unreal. I’ll do my best to update when I can this week, but I really don’t know how much free time I’ll have while here.

Looks like the Walkabout is off on the right foot.

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One thought on “7000 miles away

  1. Annelle Arthur says:

    There’s a lot of fabulous people and experiences awaiting you. Enjoy! So glad to hear you made it safely.
    Love GrandMaMa

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