Questions, Conversations, and Cliffs

At about my age it’s pretty common to get the question “What do you want to do with your life?” Most of us don’t really have an answer, most people don’t know for the majority of their life. When people pose this question to me I’m not really sure how to answer. It’s not that I don’t have a direction, I think I’ve got that decently figured, it’s an issue of explanation. See, when people talk about traveling they tend to talk about seeing the world, that’s awesome and all, but I want to meet the world. I want to know as much of it as I possibly can, because you can’t change the world without knowing it first. And I may come to find that the world has no need of my somewhat grandiose plans and expectations of myself, and I’d be perfectly happy to find that to be true, but it sure seems unlikely. So for now, I’ll continue on meeting the world and getting to know it as best I can, I know that I’ll never be able to understand or meet all of it, but that’s not what’s important really. What’s important is that I better myself as a person, and better the world as a place to live, to learn, and to thrive in for those that come after me. I’ve been given so much in life already that it’s important for me to return the favor.

I’ve been down under a month now, and I can actually say my feet have hit the ground now. And that’s certainly a good thing as freefall gets pretty exhausting. Besides, you can’t get to know the nooks and crannies of the world from way up high, you need your feet for that. I’ve had some moments of genuine inspiration in the last week or so regarding different aspects of life. It’s incredible how much more you begin to appreciate what you have back home while your abroad. I’ve always loved my family and they’ve always been one of the most important things in my life but being out here makes me realize just how blessed I am to have such a family. There’s an idea brewing in my head regarding what I may want to do to make an impact that I think is incredible, though I am biased, but we’ll see where that goes later. It didn’t really hit me until about a week ago that my first experience living alone and taking care of all aspects of my life was actually happening across the world in a foreign country. Pretty damn cool if you ask me, and something that I really feel is invaluable life experience. It hasn’t been all sunshine though, both literally and figuratively. It’s nice to have it cool down so I can sleep without sweating. Coming to realize that some of my old habits still resurface, being somewhat too quick to judge, regarding my classes and other things out here, and I’m glad that this is bringing all those fixable things to light. That’s a big reason I’m out here after all.

Though I say I’m settling in, I can’t say I’m not still throwing myself off cliffs, figuratively of course. I’ve tried eel, octopus, and prawns among other things. Went to a footy match, to Moomba Festival, saw a bagpipe band in Flagstaff Gardens, and went to bars down back alleys themed as insane asylums with drinks served in syringes. I had a talk with a self professed philosopher from Sri Lanka in the park the other day, certainly interesting. When I titled this blog Gone Walkabout I didn’t realize how relevant the title would be. I average about 5 miles a day walking out here, either around the city or out on Philip Island during a storm this last weekend when we went camping and saw the penguin parade and the Nobbies (look it up). I’ve done more dancing at places like Club Retro (80’s & 90’s music) and Future Music Festival than ever before, and I’m probably still terrible at it.

As the first month ends, the next looks to take on a different structure, more school oriented during the week and travel oriented on the weekend. Semester break is already next week and there’s only 9 weeks of class left before finals in June. Hoping mine are early in the month so I can take off and travel up to Bali, Malaysia, Bangkok, Singapore and whatever I have time and money for. Heading out on a camping trip and going kayaking, bushwalking and rock climbing this weekend. Myself and a buddy are heading to Sydney for 4 days and then road tripping the South Island of New Zealand over break so definitely looking forward to that.

As always, more grateful than I can say to my family and friends and those who’ve given me so much. Love you guys.

Still Walking,


Fireworks over the city at Moomba Festival

Fireworks over the city at Moomba Festival

Octopus at Queen Victoria Night Market

Octopus at Queen Victoria Night Market

Footy match - NAB Cup Final between Brisbane Lions and Carlton Blues

Footy match – NAB Cup Final between Brisbane Lions and Carlton Blues



Nobbies again

Nobbies again

The ends of the Earth

The ends of the Earth

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One thought on “Questions, Conversations, and Cliffs

  1. Annelle Arthur says:

    Wow! I am so impressed with your insights and experiences. I love your feeling about meeting the world versus seeing it. Your grandpa was always doing just that. He got to know the people and they loved him. As a professor of orbital mechanics he could talk to anyone at any level and make them feel important. It’s a great gift and it definitely changes your life. I’m so glad to know you now have your feet on the ground. I can certainly tell by what you’ve written. Also glad iti’s cooling down. Enjoy each day – class or traveling. It will go by so fast you con’t beliee it!

    Love you!


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