Monthly Archives: March 2014


There’s no mystery about a human life. Its not a problem to be solved, but a reality to

– Frank Herbert, Children of Dune

Strange that as such times as this, on a new road in a new place, is when I am most surely aware of what home is. …. And I do wish very much to be back there. But I am also so enthralled to be here. The conundrum that is thus gives insight into a transition I always knew to be coming, but did not see approaching. Its is the fluid movement from moment to moment, leading me forward along many paths. Its is the beginning anew. The shift from middle, to end, to beginning.

One final culmination and exploration of all that has been the last few years. A collection of water from a brilliant stream of moments, a swirling of pure waters and murky waters. All giving, all testing, and all having washed over and carried me along.

Weeks left in London, some spent across other parts of the British Isles, and then a ramble across the continent for a time. A ramble that would seem to stand as an epilogue to this installment of the series I call life. As the epilogue approaches to draw it closed, the installment to be transitioned into comes into focus, at least somewhat. It could entail teaching English in Macau, research in Singapore, a job in the space industry, or the international trade industry, graduate school at a number of schools, UCLA, Oxford, Chapman, anywhere. This is the forward path I look down.

As a pilgrim returned from travels. To return to what is so much of me, bringing back what has become me. All of it synthesising in such a way as to give strength and surety to new actions and moments. To build. To be mayhaps seemingly more grounded, but to be unbounded by the constraints imposed by leaving the ground.

It is seeming that this current way of experiencing the world, while wondrous, is no longer the way on which I must experience the world. Firstly, it is time to move forward and to build out of myself new things. To leave a tangible impact behind me rather than being a passenger in the stream. Secondly, it is again time to free fall. To step out of a plane and say, excuse my French, “oh shit, what am I getting myself into” and come out of that with new knowledge and life brought into myself from it.

I believe that these two are what makes life, to step out and allow yourself to be impacted by life. And then take forward this knowledge and return the benefits in what you build in this world. Then repeat. Such is life.